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On Sunday 4th June, the CTIEC – Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre and Cape Town Ulama Board (CTUB) hosted a public event with lectures dedicated to the life of the Khulafa of Islam.

The event began promptly at 10 am at The ebrahim Kareem Hall in Eagle Park. Event was opened with a warm welcome from the MC, followed by a recitation from the Quran and a Dhikr Session led by CTIEC Learners. The event was well attended, with a diverse audience eager to learn more about the lives of the four Khulafa – Abu Bakr, Umar,Uthman, and Ali – who played a crucial role in the development of Islam.

The first speaker, Principal of CTIEC Allama Moulana Sayed Imraan Shah Ziyaee, started by delving into the life of Hazrat Abu Bakr, the first caliph, and how he attained the leadership of the Muslim community. The speaker highlighted the importance of Abu Bakr’s unwavering faith and how he was a shadow of Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him). He also touched on Abu Bakr’s contributions to spreading the knowledge of Islam and how his legacy continues to inspire Muslims today.

The second speaker, a renowned Islamic scholar Shaykh Riaad Fataar of the Muslim Judicial Council , discussed the life of Hazrat Umar, the second caliph, and his contributions to the expansion of Islam. The speaker talked about Umar’s fearless qualities, his profound knowledge, and his approach to problem-solving.

Next, the third speaker, a very well known Speaker who is the Imam at Masjidul Quds (Gatesville), Shaykh Abduraghmaan Alexander, discussed the life of Hazrat Uthman, the third caliph. He highlighted Uthman’s contributions to the compilation of the Quran, his generosity, and his humanitarian efforts. The speaker also discussed how Uthman’s wise thinking and intelligence helped to provide water for the people in Madina during water scarcity.

Finally, the fourth speaker, a graduate from Al Azhar University, Mufti Sayed Haroon Al Azhari who serves as the Head of the Cape Town Ulama Board, spoke about the life of Hazrat Ali, the fourth caliph. The speaker highlighted Ali’s bravery and his contributions to Islamic jurisprudence. The speaker also discussed Ali’s close relationship with Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) and how his leadership paved the way for a just society while also focusing on how many fabricated lies and accusations about Hazrat Ali.

The event came to a close with a Dua and Salawaat session, followed by a lunch to all in attendance. This event provided an opportunity for the audience to clarify their doubts and gain a deeper understanding of the Khulafa’s lives. Guests praised the organizers for hosting such an insightful and informative event.

In conclusion, the event was a great success in educating the community about the lives of the Khulafa of Islam, their contributions to the Islamic faith, and their legacies that inspire Muslims to this day.

The organizers expressed their gratitude for everyone who attended and promised to organize more events on the teachings of Islam.

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