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The Cape Town Ulama Board strongly condemns the recent ban on wearing abayas, traditional cultural clothing, at schools in France. This discriminatory and ‘Islamophobic’ decision is a clear violation of religious freedom and undermines the values of inclusivity and tolerance that we hold dear.

The abaya is not only a religious garment but also a symbol of modesty and dignity for women. This ban not only infringe upon their right to practice their religion freely but also perpetuates stereotypes and prejudices against the broader conservative God fearing humans.

The Cape Town Ulama Board has reached out to the French Embassy in South Africa, requesting a meeting to express our concerns and seek intervention. We believe in engaging in constructive dialogue to address this issue and find a resolution that respects the rights of Muslims in France.

We also call upon the international community, human rights organizations, and individuals of conscience to stand in solidarity with Muslims in France and condemn this discriminatory ban. It is essential that we collectively advocate for religious freedom and speak out against Oprression in all its forms.

We urge the French government to reconsider this ban and ensure that the rights and dignity of Muslim students are protected. We believe that diversity and multiculturalism should be embraced and celebrated, fostering a society where everyone can express their faith and identity without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

As the Cape Town Ulama Board, we stand united with our fellow Muslims in France and around the world, and we will continue to advocate for religious rights and equality for all. We remain committed to promoting peace, understanding, and harmony in our multicultural society.

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